Coweeta datasets

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Bulk throughfall at Coweeta Hardwoods, Watershed Two. 1081
GPS locations of permanent climate and precipitation stations at coweeta hydrologic laboratory. 1050
Genetic diversity of an aquatic Hyphomycete within and between streams. 3042
Herb coverage on southern pine beetle and non-southern pine beetle impacted permanent plots in Coweeta white pine watershed 1. 1092
Post-burn study of woody plants at Devils Den burn site, 1991-1992. 4029
Litter decomposition in the hillslope-riparian study. 2011
LTER gradient--fine woody debris measurements. 1053
Southern Appalachian tree stem respiration. 4006
Post-burn study of herbaceous understory plots at Jacobs Branch and Devil`s Den burn sites, 1992. 4030
LINX2: nitrate uptake and retention in streams; mechanisms and effects of human disturbance from stream reaches to landscapes. 3058
Effects of land-use on sediment regime and fish assemblage structure in the southern Appalachians (fish data). 3023
Locations gradient plot corners. 1048
Litter decomposition in quadrat treatments along elevation gradient for canopy herbivore input study. 1060
Seedling regeneration density on southern pine beetle and non-southern pine beetle impacted permanent plots in Coweeta white pine watershed 1. 1093
Mars Hill Terrestrial Microclimate. 4038
Land use history of Macon County, North Carolina since first white settlement. 4008
Species and age class regulation of streamflow: relationships between sapflow and streamflow in ws2 and ws7. 1051
Coweeta Watershed 1 Litter and Soil Temperature for White Pine Decomposition Study. 1073
Insect collection. 1067
The Keystone Role of Heterotrophic Microbes in Driving Ecosystem-level Effects of Nutrient Enrichment. 3067
Longterm effects of logging on leaf breakdown in streams at Coweeta. 3002
Mesoscale variation in fish populations in two small Appalachian streams (light data). 3029
The effects of agricultural disturbance on litterfall input and leaf breakdown in southern Appalachian streams. 3054
Gradient throughfall (thrufall) collection. 1012
Landscape and stream ecosystem trajectories in the southern Blue Ridge. 4021
Shope fork of Coweeta Creek streamflow. 3032
Post-burn survey of Blazed Creek herbaceous understory plots, 1991. 4026
Fine root dynamics along an elevational gradient in the southern Appalachian mountains. 2015
Predatory impact of benthic fishes in an Appalachian stream. 3035
Post-burn study of woody vegetation at Jacobs Branch East, 1994. 4034

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