How to make EML walkthough

here are some renewed interest in our work coming from Europe, thanks mostly from the evangelism practiced by our very own Rabi, David Blankman.

But see, when you invite new folk to see or test our work, is hard to start the conversation. Where do I begin? No Dead-Ends? EML/BDP/ISO? Drupal marvels? Too much to say - almost overwhelming, and to overwhelm is something you should stay away when you invite new folks.

First official release of the Drupal Metadata Editor

This instance contains the latest suite of tools to manage the information associated with a research site, including forms to capture metadata and export it as EML and BDP.

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Luquillo spider

A spider lurks under a leave

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Sevilleta scapes

Sunset lights up the east side of the Sevilleta range

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Common LTER Information Categories

Information categories commonly found when visiting LTER websites.

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